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Project Description

This project's aim is build a small and easy to use framework for SharePoint developers to be able to control cached objects across servers in a SharePoint Farm


Caching is great for boost application performance in SharePoint. However once you have cached something it becomes difficult to control it's life in the cache and when they expire.

So how do you invalidate those objects?

Youc could reset IIS or use some query string type process to notify that the object should be removed.

However that works for one process on the server and also does not update any other servers in the SharePoint farm.

Using this framework you will be able to add support to automatically configure the objects added to the cache to be refreshed on a regular basis across SharePoint processes on all SharePoint servers. You will also be able to force a refresh if the objects need to be updated after a change in configuration.
  • Features
    • Control an object's lifetime in the cache across the SharePoint Farm
    • Configured using SharePoint User Interface or using PowerShell Cmdlets
    • Define different configurations for different types of objects
    • Improve the experience of your users/system administration team as they makes changes to your system
    • Example usage patterns provided

Getting Started

To get start then go to the Documentation section for how to get started.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in the project then please contact me via the Discussion Board


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Issues / Bugs

Please report issues/bugs using the Issue Tracker

Feature Requests

To ask for additional features please add a post to the Feature Requests post in the Discussions tab

Hope that you find the framework useful.



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